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Back To The Drawing Board, Media Planning In Uncertain Times

With change coming more quickly than ever, planning and optimizing might seem like a dizzying prospect. It absolutely doesn’t have to be. Importantly, brands need to re-focus their efforts on people—the north star for any marketing message, advertisement or campaign.

Tops of 2020: Nielsen Streaming Unwrapped

2020 has been branded with an assortment of labels and titles, but from a media perspective, it was a truly transitional year for streaming video. Here's a recap of the most watched original shows, acquired content, and movies on streaming platforms.

Store Shifting: Unlocking Insight With Data Science

Convinced that huge levels of COVID-driven FMCG growth in many countries were masking a larger, fundamental change, a team of Nielsen data scientists dug into the data to understand the nuances underneath the broader retail data. And they were right.