business effectiveness solution

Get fast, daily and actionable retail insights to manage your business with an all in one cloud-based, flexible and agile platform accessible anytime, anywhere.

For retail, the last few years have been tough. Margins have decreased year after year for a variety of reasons. Fierce competition, the rise of online options and increasing costs like rent, utilities and salaries have all contributed to shrinking profits.

So, how can you maintain and grow your business today?

One of the strongest ways is self effectiveness. Digital transformation and big data are changing the way all businesses operate—and retail is no exception. You need to find ways to manage your big data and navigate a new complex landscape that requires a deeper understanding of consumers to earn their attention and loyalty. Competition is fierce and only few can win shoppers’ hearts and minds.

But when it comes to facing the competition, retailers, especially small- to medium-sized ones, are facing common challenges:

  • Big data is readily available, but for many, it can’t be easily used to understand the retail landscape and take action.
  • Opportunities for sales and profitability are lost due to the need for:
    • Better product assortment and shelf management strategies;
    • Effective and new promotions and loyalty card programs; and
    • More efficient negotiations with suppliers.
  • Staffing is presenting challenges when minimizing queues at terminals.

Retailers focusing on growth and smart data can now use the Nielsen Business Effectiveness Solution, a cloud-based innovative business intelligence system, to make big data work for them.

With Business Effectiveness Solution, you can rearrange your big data by providing daily processing of data for sales, stocks, stores clusterization, category tree, internal price and post payment terms, profits, and SKU position level for each cash register.

Information is accessible in both pre-set report format, as well as via an interactive, searchable platform, and is available in over 10 languages.

With BES reports, your can now effectively segment your data to cover:

  • Sales and Promotion: From pricing analysis, to promotion and loyalty card effectiveness, reports can help you make fast decisions on needed pricing or promotional changes.
  • On Product: Reveal assortment analysis, optimization by store/category/product, shelf management, correction of category neighborhood and more insights to drive sales growth from additional layouts.
  • On People: Use analysis of personnel and terminal and supplier management to reduce terminal traffic and cues.

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