Shopper behavior and the retail landscape have already been changing at a fast pace and the global pandemic “Covid-19” has further impacted how, where, when and why Shoppers shop. The way shoppers are planning their shopping has changed. Auto-pilot mode of shopping has been disrupted leading to huge shifts in category demand as well as channel growth.

It’s more vital than ever to stay close to your Shoppers’ changing needs, experiences, attitudes and behaviors through the coming months. To target the evolving shoppers you need fast, flexible and agile tools to understand the changing shopper behavior.

Shopper Trends gives you a unique opportunity to better understand:

  • Shopper attitudes toward grocery shopping, planning and deal-seeking at a category level
  • Loyalty card ownership and private-label purchase habits
  • Changes in-store repertoire, shopping trips and missions
  • Brand equity of a particular retailer

Shopper Digital Shopping Experience explores the e-commerce landscape covering:

  • Profile of shoppers
  • Categories purchased and their disposition
  • Popular e-commerce players and why
  • Opportunities to optimize the digital shopping journey experience

Shopper In “The New Normal” provides expansive global coverage and category scope. Behaviors are changing faster than ever and this Nielsen shopper solution will provide insight into:

  • The channels, store types, categories, brands and packs in demand
  • Why and how those needs and behaviors are likely to shift into the future
  • How this varies across different shopper segments identified through the research

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