Mobile Phones Deliver Christmas Cheer to Smart Shoppers

Mobile Phones Deliver Christmas Cheer to Smart Shoppers


Did you or someone you know use a mobile phone this Christmas to take photos of gift ideas or research an item? Most likely. More than two-thirds, (67%) of Aussie smartphone owners used their mobile device for shopping related activities this festive season.

During December 2014, almost half (44%) of all Australians with connected mobiles used their phone to search online for gift ideas in the lead up to Christmas. Close to two in five (36%) researched an item or gift and more than a quarter (26%) relied on their mobile to make online price comparisons.

Many used their phones to discover ideas while out and about: almost a quarter (24%) used their commute time to search for the latest deals or snap a picture of an idea and 19% while waiting for an appointment or waiting in a line. The greatest proportion used their phone for a shopping related activity while in a shopping centre (38%). It’s clear that consumers are willing and eager to engage, research and buy brands via their mobile. This reinforces the opportunity for retailers and brand owners to link their in-store and online experience.

Taking photos on the smartphone to support Christmas shopping activities was also big this year. More than one in five (22%) took photos of items, 14% took images of ideas while they were out and about and 9% snapped a pic of an ad or article. Using the phone to help stimulate or trigger ideas facilitates myriad opportunities for advertisers to engage before consumers reach the store – highlighting the importance of multi-layered traditional, digital and mobile-optimised marketing tactics.

In addition to researching and engaging with brands, Aussie consumers confirm their propensity to close the deal via a mobile device. One in five smartphone owners (19%) purchased gifts, decorations or other Christmas items like food and drink using their smartphone during December 2014.

With 7 in 10 Australians now owning a smartphone and ownership and adoption continuing to grow in Australia, the shopping landscape is being revolutionised and mobile-invested campaigns are a must. Geo-targeting and personalised digital campaigns mean messages can be tailored to an individual’s past behaviour, known preferences and demographic profile to deliver enhanced relevance, cut through and response – at an exact location and time to deliver maximum impact.

Smart, innovative techniques and integrated, cross platform executions that draw on mobile’s unique capabilities are enabling marketers and brands to connect with consumers – anywhere, anytime. Maybe the best New Year’s resolution you could make, is to consider how your existing strategies can take better advantage of mobile’s unique capabilities; then test the effectiveness of these smart campaigns once implemented.

Source: Online survey conducted among 700 smartphone owners across Australia, aged 16 years and above. Survey was conducted by Nielsen and uSamp during December 2014.