Fish & Chips for Tea? A Look at who’s Consuming Australia’s most Traditional Takeaway

Fish & Chips for Tea? A Look at who’s Consuming Australia’s most Traditional Takeaway

After a long day spent on a sunny beach, there isn’t a meal quite as perfect as fish and chips. This time-honoured, classic fried feast is synonymous with summertime in Australia. And in an age where green smoothies, zoodles, poke bowls and paleo have become part of our dining vocabulary, it is a refreshing change to pay homage to a time-honoured Aussie tradition.

Research from Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View (CMV) survey shows that almost a third (32%) of Australians aged over 14 years old have claimed to have eaten or bought fish and chips in the past six months, with consumption peaking during the warmer months (October to February). More than eight-in-10 (81%) fish and chips eaters/buyers live along the Australian eastern seaboard.

Fish and chips is particularly popular among older consumers with more than half (51%) of all Australians who ate or bought fish and chips in the past month aged over 50. Almost two-in-three (63%) say they have no children under the age of 17 in the home; 22% are retirees; and 22% are grandparents.

And while 79% of fish and chips buyers are Australian-born, consumers born in the U.K. and New Zealand are more likely to eat fish and chips than other nationalities – consistent with its traditional British origins.

Encouraging the younger generations to rediscover their childhood love of fish and chips is key to growing our most traditional takeaway. Nielsen research conducted in 2016 shows that Millennials will account for $6.1 billion of growth in the Australian Food and Grocery retail market by 2020. Tapping into the immense buying power of this group of consumers will rely on companies understanding their wants and needs.

For example, Millennials are willing to pay more for food that is convenient, but also fresh and healthy. To appeal to this group, companies should consider strong, interesting branding with an emphasis on attributes including organic, natural, and sustainable; and with a twist on traditional fish and chips flavours or in the way it is presented.


Nielsen Consumer & Media View is a rolling survey of more than 20,000 Australians aged 14 and above. It captures their lifestyles, behaviours, passions and attitudes toward almost every aspect of their life. It’s great for helping advertisers understand the everyday Australian consumer that they want and need to communicate with. We also include media consumption data with the fusion of official TV, radio and digital audience ratings to get a rounded view of how brands can best target and reach their target audiences. To find out more about how CMV can help you more effectively plan your marketing, please contact your Nielsen representative.