Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles 2019 report

Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles 2019 report

The latest research from Nielsen emmaCMV reveals that 1.8 million Australians have a growing concern for the environment, a 31% increase compared to last year. While there is a strong desire among Australians to ‘do their part’ to improve the environment and reduce their carbon footprint, their willingness to change habits and buy electric vehicles is stalled.

The Caught In The Slow Lane Report explores how can the automotive industry kick Aussies into gear to address:

  • Education and awareness
  • Perceived value
  • Vehicle range and infrastructure

To better understand what’s holding back electric vehicle sales in Australia, Nielsen interviewed 10 senior automotive marketers, surveyed 1,000 Australians 18+ and reviewed attitudinal and behavioural views from Nielsen emmaCMV. We hope this current state-of-play in the electric vehicle landscape will highlight areas for the automotive industry to drive change to better our environment in Australia.


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Australia’s adoption of electric vehicles 2019 report

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