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Woolworths Selects Nielsen as Data Provider of Choice In Australia

Australia’s retail landscape is changing. While the market has benefited from 3-4% average growth rates over the last decade, grocery dollar growth fell to 1.3% in 2017—the lowest in two decades. Both manufacturers and retailers are adjusting to this slower growth landscape and need analytics they can trust to make fast and reliable decisions that drive success.

Earlier this year, Woolworths, Australia’s biggest grocery retailer, announced a tender to the market with the goal of revamping data sharing to better meet the needs of their customers. And we’re excited to share that the company has selected Nielsen and Quantium to join its new data sharing journey.

Nielsen will be Woolworth’s scan market read and consumer panel provider of choice to support its customer-first vision. Woolworth’s selection of Nielsen provides a strong endorsement of our consumer panel. And it places Nielsen as the sole provider of the scan market read into Woolworths, as well as the representative of Woolworths data to other retailers.

“Nielsen is thrilled to have been selected by Woolworths, alongside Quantium, as their future data partners,” said Justin Sargent, CEO, Nielsen Pacific. “It’s a bold data sharing future that Woolworths has laid out, and Nielsen has a long history of successfully working with industry players who have an innovative and pioneering vision. We are very much looking forward to working with Woolworths to identify the best possible solutions to deliver on Woolworths customer-first strategy, as well as support overall supplier and retail industry growth.”

Woolworths’ decision supports our conviction that any data solution has to be high quality, easy to activate and leverage the best analytics. We also believe that having a clear investment plan and innovation pipeline geared around the factors that will propel the industry forward is absolutely key.

“The competitive tender forms a key part of Woolworths’ transition to a data-sharing model that better supports its customer-led ranging strategy and makes it easier for suppliers to understand their performance within Woolworths,’’ the company noted in a statement.

Woolworths said it will now work with Nielsen and Quantium to develop improved tools and systems for suppliers to access sales and performance metrics.