Spruce up your shelf space

The final stage of whether or not a shopper chooses to buy your product occurs when they are in the store at the shelf. You need to be confident you’re making the best use of space and offering the products consumers want to buy. However, successful retailing isn’t simply a matter of offering the right products; shelves need to be arranged in a way that makes sense to the customer. If people can’t find your product, they won’t purchase it.

Nielsen has been working with manufacturers and retailers to create shelf layouts that work, driving brand and category growth. We’ll help you choose which products to range, understand the ideal way to layout the items and make your products stand out from the competition. 

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How We Do It

Put the right products on the shelf in the right way to drive brand and category performance.

The essential link between retailers, manufacturers and consumers in optimising in-store space.

Identify the attributes that move your product from the shelf to the basket. 

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