Baby Care: Strategies for Success in E-commerce

Baby Care: Strategies for Success in E-commerce

As e-commerce grows, there are a few strategies baby care manufacturers and retailers should keep in mind.

• Go mobile: Optimize mobile compatibility and consider developing a mobile app to take advantage of the growing m-commerce segment. India alone adds 5 million new mobile Internet users every month, shifting purchasing behavior from e-commerce to m-commerce.

• Innovative with delivery: To increase convenience and keep prices low, get creative with delivery. In India, Amazon has partnered with traditional trade stores to offer same-day delivery of food and other essentials.

• Offer flexible payment: The World Bank estimates that 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have a formal account at a financial institution. To reach unbanked consumers, retailers and manufacturers should experiment with innovative payment methods such as cash-on-delivery or mobile payments.

• Make it easy: The fewer clicks, the better. Provide links to dedicated baby care pages on the homepage and make it easy for customer to reorder a previous purchase. Many retailers have taken this a step further, offering online subscription models that automatically replenish an order at a specified time period.

• Bundle baby care products: Bulky item like diapers are expensive to ship and leave little in the way of profits. Therefore, online retailers should focus on increasing sales in baby care categories with higher profit margins like beauty products and bottles. They should also use technology to look for efficiencies in packaging and delivery as retailers such as have done.