Keeping the Benelux Shopper Coming Back

Keeping the Benelux Shopper Coming Back

Over the past 10 years, three-quarters of the growth in the Benelux food retail sector has been driven by price (either range mix effects or price increases) – and not increases in sales volumes. Growth in the Benelux is diminishing, but that doesn’t mean that you need to start a promotional war to keep your shoppers.

Growth in Benelux Food Retail Driven By Price, and Not Increases in Volume Sales

The good news is that shopper loyalty is improving in the Benelux, as the numbers of Benelux shoppers that only visit one store has increased by 4% in the past five years. However, a large portion, 80%, still shop at two more stores.


How can manufacturers and retailers keep their shoppers loyal to their brand or to their store? Nielsen recommends the following:

  • The key drivers of store choice are assortment-related attributes. Though stores in the Benelux offer a lot of choice today, a large portion of shoppers have noted that they aren’t satisfied with the offering – which is why 80% of shoppers go to two or more stores
  • Shoppers are willing to pay premium prices for products that don’t contain undesirable ingredients. Since a large portion of the growth in the Benelux is historically related to price, innovating in this area and understanding price elasticities can help drive growth.
  • There are also opportunities for optimizing assortments to better meet shopper needs, and in some cases retailers might need to help shoppers with navigating towards products that might be already in store today.

Need more insights on the Benelux shopper and how to keep them coming back? Download Nielsen’s What’s Happening in Benelux Food Retail deck (first presented at Distrifood’s Food Retail Congress) or contact us for more information.


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Keeping the Benelux Shopper Coming Back

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