Nielsen Grocery Universe 2016 – Belgium

Nielsen Grocery Universe 2016 – Belgium

Every year Nielsen creates an overview of the changes in the grocery world. In our Nielsen Grocery Universe 2016 report, you’ll find the evolution of a number of retailers, the share of store types, as well as regional and international comparisions (comparing the results till the end of 2015).

In Belgium, the most important conclusions are:

  • There were 7161 grocery stores in Belgium at the end of 2015, a decrease of 42 stores compared with 2014.
  • The turnover of the Grocery Universe rose to EUR 25.5 billion in 2015. This means a +2.4% increase compared to the year before. In 2015, the inflation rate was 0.6%, which means that the turnover in constant terms has grown by 1.9%.
  • Medium-sized supermarkets (F2) increased their market share to 29.6% which represents an increase of +0.8pt versus 2014.
  • Hard Discounters saw a decrease in market share by -0.4 points–now showing a 15.7% market share in Belgium. 

Belgium’s Grocery Universe Turnover Rises to EUR 25.5 billion, up 2.4% in 2015


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Nielsen Grocery Universe 2016 – Belgium

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