Water Sales Rise as Canadians Strive For Healthy Lifestyles

Water Sales Rise as Canadians Strive For Healthy Lifestyles

In step with consumers around the globe, Canadians are actively working to improve their health and make better decisions for their overall wellbeing. With more than half of Canadian consumers (59%) feeling overweight and 52% actively trying to lose weight, finding the right combination of food and beverages is key to a well-balanced diet. While individual plans and strategies differ from consumer to consumer, almost three-fourths (73%) of Canadians are including a very simple choice in their quest: actively trying to drink more water.

As consumers put their money where their health is, water sales across retail outlets are growing across water categories that include flat water, carbonated water and coconut water. In the most recent year, flat water accounted for $539 million in annual sales across Canada, up 4% from the previous year. But while flat water may lead the way in total sales, other options are gaining momentum. Sales of carbonated water, for instance, increased 17% in the recent year, reaching nearly $200 million. And while newer to the market, coconut water is also continuing to see sales growth.

As Canadians take charge of their health, increasing their water consumption is a guilt-free way to stay hydrated and energize the body. Staples like water give manufacturers and retailers an opportunity to partner with consumers in their quests for healthier lives.


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