What’s in Store: 2012

What’s in Store: 2012

The dynamic retail landscape has challenged many manufacturers and retailers to re-examine and reinforce their value proposition to customers across all channels. In this webinar, we will share examples of who had success with this approach – and how much more room for improvement still remains in truly connecting with customers. Where – and what – are the key opportunity areas for in-store, online, mobile and at-shelf communications? How can the ‘value’ message resonate yet differentiate at the same time? Our primary perspective will focus on the Canadian consumer and retail markets, with selected information from U.S. providing relative points of comparison or contrast. Key areas of interest for 2012 include how to:

  • Reach an increasingly polarized consumer
  • Leverage the redefinition of value
  • Align with consumer need states for ad effectiveness
  • Engage the connected consumer
  • Target economically powerful consumer segments


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What’s in Store: 2012

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