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Every day, 85% of users (3.4 billion people) connect to the internet and spend, on average, six-and-a-half hours online.Learn how Connectivity is enabling lifestyle evolution.The right data can mean the difference between guessing and knowing. Nielsen’s data is backed by real science, so you won’t have to wonder what’s next – you’ll know.News Center is our digital hub for news, perspectives from our thought leaders and updates about the company. There’s a lot to learn about Nielsen directly from Nielsen.gsdfgfdg

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Are you struggling to create strategies that speed up and drive sales? Do you know which tools, technology and data can support your business goals?

Our new worksheet, 11 Essential Steps to Evaluating Your Assortment, Pricing, and Promotion Strategies, can help you and your team assess your current strategies, and identify areas for improvement and action.

Download the worksheet to learn how to:

  • Show retail partners how your product is filling or improving their assortment gap
  • Make pricing decisions that solidify your competitive position and allow for future growth
  • Identify where your trade dollars are working, and how effective they are at driving purchases
  • Equip your team with the tools they need for success
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