Webinar: The Growth Opportunity of Ethnic Consumers

Webinar: The Growth Opportunity of Ethnic Consumers

Over the next two decades, while the Caucasian population grows by 10%, visible minorities will double and increase to almost one-third of the country’s population. This group has the potential to bring an additional $5 billion to Canadian manufacturers in the next four years alone. Significant, profitable opportunities will extend far into the future for those companies that connect with and market to these “visible minorities.”

Are you prepared to ride this wave, or will you get lost in its wake instead? How can you gain context for understanding – and profiting from – this large and diverse consumer group? Join Nielsen as we dive into the details behind the ethnic consumers who are changing the Canadian mosaic.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Shopping Differences Within the Different Ethnic Groups – Where you should have your products and why.
  • The Age Factor – How and where to capitalize on younger consumer groups as well as the senior set?
  • Brand Building – Why it is important and how to establish a foothold with these ethnic groups?
  • Closing the Sale – Which promotional strategies appeal to these groups and where best to implement them?
  • The Message – Are traditional TV or direct mail approaches more viable options than electronic communications?


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Webinar: The Growth Opportunity of Ethnic Consumers

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