Swiss Shopper Trends 2019

Swiss Shopper Trends 2019

Price/performance ratio as a central factor

It is well known that Switzerland has higher prices compared with the rest of the European community. So it comes as no surprise that, for a long period, Swiss shoppers have been highly price conscious. More than half of respondents say they know the prices of the items they buy regularly.

At the same time, the importance of the “price/performance ratio” attribute for Swiss shoppers is rapidly increasing when it comes to choosing a place to shop. While in 2014 the price/performance factor was low in the top 20 ranking of shop attributes (rank 14), price/performance currently occupies fourth place.

The desire for “low prices for most items” shows that the central shopper considerations are not only price, but also the quality and the right balance between price and performance. For years, this shop attribute “low prices” has been in the lowest ranks among Swiss consumers and thus reflects a rather unimportant characteristic.

The discounters Aldi and Lidl are also increasingly pursuing this balance between price and performance. In the last edition of our newsletter, we looked at how Aldi and Lidl are changing from hard discounters to smart discounters. However, this transformation is by no means at the expense of their price leadership image. This is reflected in the long-term view of the price perception in Switzerland:

Before the market entry of the German discounters, Migros was undisputedly the most favorably perceived in terms of price. 13 years later, the dealer has to share this place with Aldi. Denner has also been left behind since 2005 and is slipping from second to fourth place.

While Aldi was perceived relatively favourably by Swiss shoppers from the outset, its German competitor Lidl has had to gradually build up this image since its market entry in 2009 and is now perceived as the third cheapest channel.


The Nielsen Shopper Trends Study is conducted annually in more than 50 countries. Around 1,000 participants in Switzerland were surveyed online between October and November 2018.

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