Premium Products Are Boosting in China

56% of Chinese say they buy premium products in order to feel successful or show their success to others. 48% of consumers say they’re willing to pay a premium for electronics, followed by clothing (38%) and cosmetics (38%)

2016 World Sports Review

Global sport's top-line metrics, notably global sponsorship and media rights spend, continued to point in the right direction in 2016 but it was also a year of rapid change across the industry.

China and Football

This report looks the Chinese consumer, the country’s media landscape, China’s major investments across European football and how global sports teams and leagues plan to tackle the Chinese market.

Getting started with Mobile: What Marketers Need to Know

Mobile matters. Already a powerful presence, it continues to grow. But it is a new medium, and many of the measures brand marketers have come to rely on to guide their investments in other media are not present or not mature in mobile. Marketers must, however, resist the temptation to measure what...