E-commerce: The Next Frontier

E-commerce: The Next Frontier

The world of retail has gone through enormous change in recent years, ushering in a golden age for Chinese consumers. Today, an emerging breed of hyper-connected shoppers is facing a vast array of choices throughout an increasingly fragmented digital ecosystem. However, these same complexities are also giving consumers more control over their spending than ever before.

The dynamics of consumer demand and technological innovation have torn down barriers and blurred the line between online and offline, prompting companies worldwide to re-engineer their retail business models in order to unlock opportunities.

With all these changes, how should retailers and manufacturers evolve in order to adapt to market demand and meet the expectations of increasingly empowered consumers? How can businesses design a balanced multi-channel strategy to succeed in China? This report seeks to provide answers to these questions by leveraging trends and data-driven metrics obtained from across China’s dynamic market landscape.


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E-commerce: The Next Frontier

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