Past Events

Efficient Assortment Workshop

Efficient Assortment Management Workshop 2019

JUN 4-5, 2019

“Very well presented and prepared. Excellent presentation skills of the trainer. “

“Amazing, Chris was dynamic and the workshop itself did extend my knowledge in this area . “

“I enjoyed the exercises, the practical side of the workshop. “

Practical Category Management 2018

Practical Category Management Workshop 2018

NOV 20-21, 2018

“Very good and entertaining trainer. Clear information, good atmosphere and very useful objectives.”

“It brought some theoretical framework to what I knew. “

“I gained clear and comprehensive set of tools and information to implement in my daily routine.”

Shopper-Centric Category Management 2017

Shopper-Centric Category Management Workshop 2017

NOVEMBER 27-28, 2017

„It was helpful and understandable workshop with many practical exercises“

„Perfect, interesting, eye opening. Thank you!“

„I really enjoyed these two days, learned many new facts, liked meeting and interacting with others, learning many new facts from actual shopper behaviour. I wish our company focused more on shopper!

Practical Category Management Workshop 2017

Practical Category Management Workshop 2017

MAY 30-31, 2017

„Great and usefull experience!“

„Very good flow, using real examples“

„It met my expectations and I would welcome some more “expertized” or advanced in a future!