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Linking Radio Tuning to Buyer Behavior: New Value for Radio Advertising

Linking radio station tuning data to consumer purchase information is the best way to ensure that radio advertising is being heard by consumers who are eager to listen. According to a recent major market pilot test by Nielsen, for the first time, a connection can be drawn between what consumers...

U.S. Home Entertainment Industry Year-End Review

2013 was a solid year for the home entertainment industry, as consumer spending across all home entertainment platforms increased by nearly 1 percent—the second straight year of growth in consumer spending on home entertainment.

Feelin’ the Love: A Look at Romantic Songs, Books and Comedies

Love is in the air and in the entertainment aisle. So as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, let’s look at how romance influences music, books and home entertainment—as well as how consumers respond and engage with it—even on days other than Feb 14. Even though love is in the air, it may not be...