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Job Description

Assortment & Space Optimization Analytical Consultant Intern, Assago


We do two things at Nielsen. We measure performance for our clients and we use analytics to help our clients grow their business. Both measurement and analytics are important in their own right but it’s the connection of the two that delivers the insights & recommendations that are critical to our clients’ success. 

At Intelligent Analytics, we deal with statistical analysis and modeling aimed at providing customers with high value-added solutions on optimizing assortments and shelves.


As an Intern you will follow all the steps of our Assortment  projects and becoming step by step more autonomous in: 

● providing support to the daily management of the full delivery process

● participating in clients meetings and supporting research plan design

● being involved in the analysis and interpretation of information in the decision-making process

● building client trust and loyalty by delivering high-end products/presentations 

● being able to manage specific projects with increasing degrees of autonomy

● Team working with a high level of flexibility 

The intern will acquire skills in sophisticated statistical analysis as well as the FMCG and distribution market, will become familiar with the most advanced tools and the main metrics for analysis.

With your initiative and your curiosity, here at Nielsen, you can put your analytical and interpersonal skills into play. You like to understand what lies behind the numbers and then translate them into words to help customers know what is happening in the market today. Challenges do not scare you and you are always eager to learn something new!


  • University Master degree

  • Strong analytical skills and numerical reasoning

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills

  • Interest in learning about our FMCG client's business and challenges 

  • Very good organizational and prioritization skills by staying flexible

  • Excellent command of Microsoft Office Suite, especially PowerPoint and Excel

  • Fluent in Italian and English, both written and spoken


We’re in tune with what the world is watching, buying, and everything in between. If you can think of it, we’re measuring it. We sift through the small stuff and piece together big pictures to provide a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening now and what’s coming next for our clients. Today’s data is tomorrow’s marketplace revelation.

 We like to be in the middle of the action. That’s why you can find us at work in over 100 countries. From global industry leaders to small businesses, consumer goods to media companies, we work with them all. We’re bringing in data 24/7 and the possibilities are endless. See what’s next with us at Nielsen: