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Job Description


QCT Executive will guaranty data acquisition compliance and quality through remote monitoring, control, and management of field team through digital tools providing real-time solutions based on data intelligence


• Remotely manage and develop Field Auditors and provide basic tech support
• Interpret information from multiple sources – alerts, QMS (Quality measurement system), PSRO (Planning, Scheduling router optimization) and correlate data from QCT (Quality control tower) to QMS reports
• The role is accountable for remote managing of field auditors for data collection and data quality. This involves exception handling, an anticipation of the reasons for such exceptions and providing real-time solutions based on intelligence, using mapping functions, review alerts, chat online, review dashboards & guide teams on the ground to improve their data collection
• Responsible for providing inputs to upgrade the system & make recommendations for better quality of alerts
• Offers assistance to others on the team in a positive manner and display leadership and team player capabilities to create solutions to everyday challenges for the data acquisition. Build engagement and motivation among auditor teams.
• Shares learnings with other team members during important team meetings
• Proactively identify market/store trends
• Responsible for team KPIs compliance. Ensure the number of alerts for auditors remain under the defined threshold
• Identify training needs for continuous improvement in understanding process
• Effectively communicate in both virtual and face to face interaction and meetings



  • College degree preferred
  • Fluent in Bulgarian and upper-intermediate English (B2+) (Both written & oral)
  • Proven team management experience
  • People Management: Ability to manage and develop remote teams
  • Effective Communication: Adopt troubleshooting approach including probing & listening; anticipating and providing solutions to auditors in the field
  • Influencing & Persuading: Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to coach and guide auditors toward a better quality of data capture and professional development and growth
  • Personal Effectiveness: Individual's maturity in relation to others and to work which enables the effectiveness of the individual while dealing with pressures and difficulties of a dynamic work environment
  • Practical Intelligence: Individual's work to come to an understanding of a situation, task, problem, opportunity (Street Smart)
  • Digital Acumen: Understanding of Calibration tools (Google, MS Office, Skype, Chat s/w)
  • Highly disciplined and process-oriented