Consumer Panels

Solid sales growth and performance are critical to driving long-term viability and business success for both manufacturers and retailers. And knowing how much you sold each week and at what price is only one part of the story, and reviewing performance based solely on scanning data is only a starting point.

What We Measure

To grow sales, retailers and manufacturers need to know which levers to pull. Do I need to increase the number of households that buy my brand? Do I need to encourage households to buy more of my product and/or increase their purchase frequency? Understanding how household shopping behaviour affects your store and brands’ sales will allow you to fine-tune your marketing decisions and ultimately yield the greatest return.

Nielsen has been working with clients on these questions, using insights from our Homescan Shopper Panel. It’s a world of unique information that allows manufacturers and retailers to understand how shoppers buy and use the most appropriate tactics to grow sales.

When integrated with retail sales data, the powerful insights drawn from our Shopper Panel enable you to identify the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ behind your brand sales, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

How We Do It

Shopper data is collected via handheld scanners that transmit data directly to us. This data can be used to identify key shopper behaviour across key grocery outlets. Our point-of-sale technology for our retail measurement services captures sales and price data from virtually every major retail chain.