Shaping a Smarter Market™Nielsen Global Connect empowers manufacturers and retailers to make bold decisions and transform their businesses with trusted data, solutions and insights designed to drive progress.

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We know big decisions hinge on our data—that’s why our solutions are based on actionable insights, an open platform and shared knowledge. They balance speed with accuracy to give you the resources and connections you can rely on for success. 

nielsen connect platform

Our open platform powered by Microsoft® Azure allows you to integrate diverse data sets so you can measure areas of growth, predict the future and decide what action to take next.

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We don’t just provide the most complete data—we provide smarter, more strategic data, so you can save time, anticipate market trends and spot new opportunities.

Consumer Panels: Understand who your buyers are with one of the biggest panels per capita in the world.

E-commerce Measurement: Adapt with ease to new purchasing channels with online shopper data and motivations. 

Retail Measurement: Inform manufacturing, marketing and sales decisions (N/A in Finland).


Our analytic solutions answer your most pressing questions, including who buys your brand, where they buy it from and what are your brand’s strengths vs competitors. Our solutions can also help you to define where to place your products in the shelves.

Adhoc Analysis: Nielsen panel enables you to identify the “why” behind the “buy”. Learn more about our New product development, Shifting, Who are my buyers and Buyer overlap adhoc analysis.

Placement: Plan and execute shelf strategy to drive sales with Nielsen Assortment and Space Optimization.

Retail Collaboration

Simplify and streamline collaboration between retailers and suppliers with a joint set of tools hosted on a shared platform. Gain access to diverse data sources, visualizations and analytical tools that help brands differentiate themselves, with the retailer’s perspective top of mind. 

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Connect partner network

Make the most of your Nielsen data and services by tapping into our arsenal of innovative partners. Whether you’re focused on demand planning, data harmonization, AI-driven promotion or dataset augmentation, you can use Connect Partners to help solve an array of business challenges. 

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