Anticipate and plan for Evolving Consumer Needs

Using Nielsen Data to Strategize during COVID-19

Understand supply chain shifts. Spot evolving consumer patterns. Meet local demand. In a time of extreme uncertainty, you need answers—fast. Our powerful solutions will help you understand the impact of COVID-19 and confidently meet consumer needs.

Get answers specifically tailored to your needs and industry.

Retailers: Quickly and Efficiently Respond to Shopper Demand

Supply Chain Disruption

Flag out of stocks to understand supply chain opportunity.

Evolving consumer patterns

Understand the trends in consumer shopping behavior–online and in-store–as the COVID-19 impact continues.

Local demand planning

Track competitive pricing without the need for audits and prepare your stores for what changes will happen next.

Shopping behaviors are changing

COVID-19 is affecting shopping behaviors. Learn more about these impacts to your specific channel.

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