American Communities

American Communities

A Deeper, More Holistic Understanding Of The Future Of American Communities

This article was developed and published by the Demand Institute, a non-profit think tank jointly operated by The Conference Board and Nielsen.

Strong communities are a fundamental driver of sustainable economic growth in America. Vibrant communities provide a platform for a higher quality of life and economic prospects for its residents; generating demand for goods and services; that, in turn, attracts investment and creates jobs. A sustainable growth cycle ensues.

Since 2011, The Demand Institute has conducted an in-depth research program to better understand the future of American communities. Our research shows that over half of American cities and towns will face significant economic challenges going forward. We believe that public and private sector organizations must join forces so that struggling communities and their residents are not left behind, to maintain a healthy and harmonious economy.

The Demand Institute’s American Communities Program aims to support public and private sector organizations and their collaboration by:

  • Providing location-based, data-driven insights to understand communities’ future prospects for sustainability and growth; and forthcoming shifts in consumer demand driven by strengths and struggles across American communities;
  • Creating a platform for a vibrant dialogue amongst those with a stake in the future of American communities.


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American Communities

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