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Mid-Senior Level


Job Description


Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of data products. Collaborate with the business team to solve customer needs and make suggestions for product improvement and expansion. Put forward your own suggestions for algorithm design and improvement.


  • Lead team members to develop data products.
  • Responsible for data cleaning, processing, processing and analysis of data products and Ad-hoc projects, including the writing of related codes.
  • Responsible for communicating data needs with suppliers or customer project leaders, making suggestions and discovering potential data problems in time.
  • Responsible for guiding the data development process and data architecture design in the project.
  • Responsible for the division of labor of management personnel, train and guide new team members.


Familiar with the development process of big data products. Have experience in building algorithms and data development in a distributed environment. Familiar with commonly used statistical models and machine learning models. Have experience in the development of corresponding algorithms in FMCG, e-commerce and geographic locations. Full of interest in algorithm learning. Good communication skills and team management skills, strong learning ability, able to bear certain work pressure.


  • Computer, statistics, mathematics, analytical marketing and other related majors, bachelor degree or above.
  • More than 5 years of experience in big data development.
  • Have 5 or more people management experience.
  • Familiar with data analysis tools such as python, R or SAS.
  • Proficiency in SQL statements, proficient in using commonly used databases.
  • Familiar with big data related components such as Hadoop/Spark/Hive, etc., have relevant development and deployment experience.
  • Familiar with big data platform architecture, have experience in data platform construction
  • Familiar with Linux operating system.
  • Keen data observation and analysis capabilities, promptly discover and analyze hidden problems and give suggestions.
  • Able to effectively understand and sort out business requirements, and transform them into data analysis problems.
  • Good communication skills and team management skills, strong learning ability, able to bear certain work pressure.
  • Experience in Internet product development, e-commerce data or geographic location big data development experience is preferred.
  • Have a deep understanding of the digital transformation of online/offline retail business, and those who have participated in related projects are preferred.
  • Familiar with machine learning, data mining, distributed development experience is preferred.