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#: 743999740876800 / REF3344R

Entry Level


Job Description

eData Delivery Specialist/Senior Executive – TTR POD


This role is accountable for activities related to the POS/eData, such as – Quality checks (Acid tests, Primary testing of data, RAP scoring) from the receipt of data to successful upload to Data ingestion platform.

Data Specialist will be responsible for Onboarding/Set-up, upload and monitoring all data (all types) into ingestion platformsother input platforms. This role is also responsible for Cleansing, Classification & Verification of received data , managing metadata , troubleshooting and handling Client Enquiries coming from TTR vendors, Retailers, eCommerce etc.


Quality Testing:

  • Support all Sourcing, Supplier Compliance and Management teams for any requests around data quality testing for new / prospective Suppliers (i.e., TTR Vendors, Retailers, eCommerce).

  • Run Quality checks and provide feedback  (such as Acid test , RAP / other  defined quality protocols) on sample data as requested.

Data Onboarding:

  • Understand the data format agreed with the Supplier/Vendor/Retailer as per the contract and complete set up on Ingestion/ any other Input  platform

  • Data cleaning, verification and classification as needed

  • Upload of received files to platform as needed.

  • Troubleshooting with the Supplier in case of data not in agreed format or any other issues with data upload such as file issues ( type/ location/ special characters etc.)

BAU Operations :

  • Create procedures to support ongoing BAU Ops

  • Ensuring data receipt as per schedule, following escalation process if the data not received on agreed date in desired format.

  • Data cleaning, verification and classification as needed.

  • Responsible for sending and contacting retailers to verify data queries or store queries (e.g missing addresses etc)

  • Load data / monitor auto upload into ingestion/ any other input  platform

  • Update retailer KPIs on timeliness and  Quality such as RIS (Retailer Information System) update 

  • KPI Tracking & Reporting

  • Regularly update Supplier KPIs on data timeliness and Quality (RIS)

  • Work with Supplier Compliance & Management to improve Quality KPIs for the Supplier 

  • Work as a single source of truth for all data/logic related enquiries

  • TroubleShooting & Enquiries 

  • Engage with Supplier SPOC – in case of data not received on time or issues with the data.

  • Raise ticket and ensure resolution if any issues with Nielsen systems to upload data for downstream processes.

  • Resolve / escalate issues flagged by inputs systems and follow through the closure.

  • Provide analysis and handle communication related to Client enquiries.


  • Candidates must have strong problem-solving skills, be self-directed and capable of working with minimal supervision. 

  • Must have a strong, demonstrated commitment to data quality and be committed to a pro-active review of processes and procedures to continually enhance and drive POS data quality from TTR Vendors, Retailers, eCommerce etc.


Bachelor's Degree or technical institute degree/certificate / Degrees in statistics/ Data Analytics or equivalent work experience, 3-5 years of relevant professional work experience, Understanding of various data and file formats, Ability to interpret different data structures and mapping flexibility working schedule according to the local time zones. 

Essential Skills:

  1. Experience dealing with large amounts of data (TBs) – troubleshooting data issues 

  2. Excellent organizational skills & ability to strictly follow schedules

  3. R, SQL, Python & Spotfire,Unix/Shell knowledge. – Desired 

  4. Strong technical knowledge and business interpretation of data

  5. General Systems understanding from ETL point of view 

  6. Fluent English Language skills, local market language

Desired Skills: Green Belt Certified, Management education