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Job Description


Nielsen Item Master – Reference Data – We are specialists in product reference in the FMCG industry. 

Reference Data Item Master Executive is a team player with responsibility to translate product items to Nielsen standard items reading specification. Work in a team that closely cooperates across operation divisions and commercial teams, to deliver best and accurate product item specification. These item specification product grouping then to be used in providing information on particular items performance against competitors. 

We are the key reference for reading item performance, where it is crucial to have accurate and reliable item information. 

The RD associate has to independently run coding reference & execution of item identification, analyze and interpret product image to item description with attributes specific to client definition into Nielsen definition. 



  • Identify and classify products to Nielsen Audit items or not 

  • Analyze and interpret product image to item description with attributes specific to client definition

  • Deliver final good item coding specification with complete product item information 

  • Review & Validate data errors and inconsistencies in value attribute code mapping

  • Follow and fully owns the working process,  faster and bolder

  • Interacts well with all across teams in Operation and Commercial team

  • Independently addressing internal client queries in regards of product item specification 

  • Drive time/cost-effectiveness on item product creation

  • Inspire peers and co-workers

  • Identify any opportunity of improvements in the process steps to aim best quality output



You’re looking for a career with room to grow and the training that’ll set you up for success. You can communicate effectively within countries and regions, write precise requests and provide complete follow-up; ensuring effectiveness when necessary. You have Leadership / Influencing Skills and being able to influence a small group of people to follow a plan of action. You are able to do Presentation & Documentation work such as creating a simple document



  • Bachelor’s Degree from reputable Universities, min GPA 3.00

  • Understanding and familiar with Product Fast Moving Consumer Goods specification (Pharma, Food, Personal Care, Home Care, Cigarette)

  • Ability to work independently and comfortable working in a digitally enabled environment

  • Analyze things around and pay close attention to details

  • Strong Organizational & interpersonal skills

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in English, ability to explain ideas and technical specification in a simple way. 

  • Use of Microsoft Office and Google Tools