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Client Service & Sales

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Mid-Senior Level


Job Description


We won’t say we can predict the future, but our team of Research Managers get pretty close.  This role combines data analysis and client consultation from the start, with plenty of room for growth. You find the stories behind scatter plots and help clients determine which products to launch. Your insights will influence decisions for some of today’s leading global companies. 


  • Accountable for a team of Researchers determined either by area or product or sector  or client 
  • Supervises all stages of project management and monitors performance ∙ Team Management and people development 
  • Manage internal stakeholders 
  • Provides advice and consultation to clients and staff 
  • Handles complicated client queries or complaints 
  • Develops the business (profit and loss responsibilities) 
  • Designs and plans research projects following client briefing and needs ∙ Designs questionnaires and methodologies of collecting information 
  • Co-operates the execution of projects, informs clients on progress, and gives specific  instructions to other departments regarding the collection and electronic processing of  information 
  • Presents results of the study to the clients 
  • Client management and building engagement  
  • Some traveling required 
  • Assist in the smooth collection of best from clients and communicate any contract/ job  changes to the Finance department for correct invoicing 


Curiosity drives your interest in what moves the market. You find potential in percentages.  Managing time and deadlines comes naturally to you. You’re known for your impeccable  organization. Connecting with clients matters to you, and that motivates you to sift through data  for a new angle. You can identify the narratives behind numbers, and you’re always looking for  what’s next. 


  • University degree in Marketing, Economics or related field 
  • 3-5 years experience in Marketing Research 
  • Strong analytical mind
  • Very good knowledge on advanced analysis, methods, and tools 
  • Good organisational skills, and strong people management skills 
  • Very good interpersonal skills 
  • Strong business acumen and financial knowledge 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Computer Literate 
  • Expertise in servicing customers and in-depth knowledge on CR methods, analysis and  techniques