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#: 743999740864570 / REF3341G

Mid-Senior Level


Job Description



  • Lead a team of Project Management coordinators who are Consumer Insights and Innovation Operations’ Single-Point-of-Contact for project execution, from data collection to data processing.
  • Ensure that team members are oriented to the Nielsen Code of Conduct, company values, and policies related to their job execution in Operations.
  • Source / facilitate / provide both Market Research technical skills (e.g. methodologies), and soft skills (e.g. communication) which the team members need to execute their jobs.
  • Set team and individual objectives aligned with the wider Nielsen organization’s goal, and conduct regular check-ins with members to review progress against targets
  • Support the team member’s career growth by providing opportunities for learning, development, and contribution outside of their regular tasks.
  • Plan and organize the Project Management team’s workload so that tasks are efficiently distributed.


  • Monitor the compliance of the project management processes to ensure adoption of Market Research standards, company guidelines, and pertinent regulations.
  • Regularly review Key Performance Indices across projects and periods, measured according to set targets for Quality, Timeliness, and Budgets.
  • Continually drive for process improvements to eliminate process wastes, by pursuing opportunities for streamlining or automation.
  • Benchmark from other markets, as well as share back best practices that aims to improve Nielsen’s performance against the competition.
  • Support deployment of new platforms, technologies, or new standards that may be rolled out from global, regional, or local.


  • Collaborate with Client Service / Commercial teams in offering better solutions to meet client needs, such as in suggesting alternative methodologies for execution.
  • Find time to meet with end-clients through project meetings, so as to understand their perspective, and also be able to recommend Operational efficiencies.
  • With support from respective project coordinators, to engage with vendors who execute projects in Nielsen’s behalf, right from project planning, rollout, and reviews. 
  • Seamlessly work hand-in-hand with the other functions of CI & I Operations to meet overall team objectives. Other functions include Quality and Field Management, Setup and Delivery, and Business Intelligence / Support.
  • Provide support to the CI & I Operations Country Lead, as may be deemed necessary to attain team objectives and priorities.


  • At least five years demonstrated Leadership experience in managing teams.
  • Must study and gain pertinent market research knowledge, particularly across methodologies and processes.
  • Confident and fluent communication skills.
  • Computer literate and adept in technologies employed by Nielsen.
  • Passion to continually pursue personal learning and development.

Curiosity drives your interest in what moves the market. You find potential in percentages. Managing time and deadlines comes naturally to you. You’re known for your impeccable organization. Connecting with clients matters to you, and that motivates you to sift through data for a new angle. You can identify the narratives behind numbers, and you’re always looking for what’s next.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, Master’s Degree desirable
  • Managerial skills (at least 5 years in managerial/supervisory positions)
  • Solid understanding of the fieldwork process and familiarity with commonly used terminology and jargon
  • Detail-oriented, both in receiving and giving instructions, and in monitoring fieldwork
  • Knowledge of market research industry as well as key research techniques and methodologies
  • High level of communication and “people skills” to able to effectively problem solve and diffuse potential conflicts; being comfortable interacting with different cross-functional teams across the company and markets
  • Working knowledge of Statistics; strong project management and client management skills.
  • Organized with strong time management skills; proactive and able to meet deadlines and follow-up on action items
  • Proficient in using Google tools and Microsoft applications
  • Excellent English language skills, both spoken and written