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Entry Level


Job Description

About the job

Serve key accounts to ensure high-quality delivery of service to clients, assist team leader to achieve the company’s financial objectives and other operational performance indicators


  • Make sure client service standards are implemented and enhance as client expectations, and continue to evolve and change in the marketplace
  • Drive client satisfaction by providing insights and actionable recommendations during presentations or business reviews
  • Be responsible to expand our scope of influence with clients across a wider range of products and with greater depth of involvement
  • Build and maintain ongoing relationships with the identified key persons within the client organization
  • Proactively support team leader and interact with Client Engagement teams

About you

You’ve dabbled in research and analytics. You have the communication chops to translate it all into conversation or presentations. While you may have worked with global cross-functional teams, you can also put your head down and focus on independent projects. Seeing the big picture takes attention to detail. You know what’s happening in big data and you’re ready to influence what’s next.


  • Interested in research or marketing in the Market Research/FMCG/Retailing industry
  • Excellent communication and consultative convincing skills in English and Mandarin
  • A consultant mindset in problem diagnosis and actionable solution propose based on data and data analysis
  • Good logical thinking and analytical skill
  • Good presentation skill