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Entry Level


Job Description

We won’t say we can predict the future, but our team of Market Research Analysts gets pretty close.
This role combines data analysis and client consultation from the start, with plenty of room for growth. You find the stories behind scatter plots and help clients determine which products to launch. Your insights will influence decisions for some of today’s leading global companies.


  • Managing clients and their respective projects custom research team in matters of market research based on experience in one or more sectors (financial services; media, telecom & technology, energy, etc.)
  • Reporting to a project lead, you will be responsible for the successful execution of customized qualitative studies, including project costing, questionnaire design, project management and execution, analysis and report writing.

Client Management

  • Managing clients and their respective projects from beginning to end, including making actionable recommendations to support key business objectives
  • Consistently exceeding client expectations from project inception through completion

Project Management

  • Successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously, all in different design/analysis stages.
  • Proactively anticipating, troubleshooting, overcoming, and/or escalating challenges to your project lead in a timely manner.
  • Coordinating project task activities between your project team and internal support/operations team(s)
  • Consulting (Questionnaire Design, Analysis, Reporting & Writing)
  • Assist in the development of strong and captivating proposals to meet client needs, based on short research briefs and/or elaborate RFPs; including assisting with costing structure, methodological design, analytical framework, etc.
  • Designing questionnaires/focus group screeners/interview guides to meet the specific or unique client objectives
  • Synthesis and communication of both primary and secondary research findings into actionable insights according to the client’s objectives
  • Full reporting and analysis (via PowerPoint): Interpreting and analysing multivariate data, drawing insightful conclusions and providing recommendations, where applicable.
  • Provide "in office" research, administrative and operational support to senior staff
  • Be directly accountable for work conducted for their nominated clients in terms of analyses, charting, etc and perform quality checks on all reports for alignment to request, accuracy and correctness.

Experience in Primary Qualitative Market Research with practical knowledge of research methodologies like Focus group discussions, direct interviews and ethnographic research would be preferred

  • Proactiveness
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Very Good Influencing & Persuading Skills
  • Knowledge of research techniques and methodologies


  • BA in Sociology/Marketing/Social Anthropology/Psychology or  Business Management
  • 0 to 1 years’ experience in Research/ Consumer Insights/Marketing/Brand Management role
  • Knowledge of research techniques and methodologies