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Job Description

About the Role:

The Specialist is responsible for the provision of all project management deliverables and support in the planning, preparation, execution, and customer support process as well as continuous coaching and guidance to the junior executives. This role works in close collaboration with the Client Service (CS) team and will be involved in people management and as well as engaging with senior management level. 


  • Manage and coordinate day-to-day operations activities and also provide training to subordinates in relation to customized market research

  • Recruit qualified and representative interviewees prior to each qualitative research

  • Responsible for recruiting, managing, and training part-timers in screening interviewees and assisting focus group preparation. 

  • Manage and have great control over each project's schedule

  • Project cost control and fee application

  • Quality control 


You’re looking for a career with room to grow with your high-initiative personality. Involved in our project management activity from the beginning of the research preparation, monitoring the research update, until the data has been obtained from the field. You will be working together with our internal stakeholders, managing the project timeline and communicating the project update seamlessly.  




  • Great communication skills and resilience

  • Sociable, open-minded, outgoing & energetic

  • Detail-oriented, patient, hard-working, and sound analytical thinking and strong marketing sense

  • Proactive, fast learner and have a strong sense of responsibility

  • Good project management skills

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and under pressure

  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, pivot table, Powerpoint, google spreadsheet, slides.

  • Experience in using Python, interested in digital tools

  • Degree in Marketing, computer science/IT/ Information System

  • Proficient in both written and spoken English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.