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As a Sports Live Data Production Operator, you are required to capture and register data during live matches of team sports (baseball, football, basketball, golf) following well-defined standards and procedures. All game events will be entered during a match while you watch live TV and use Gracenote’s Sports-based tooling. You will work as quickly as possible watching, interpreting and entering data to deliver the required deep sports data to our (media) customers within seconds.




● You are an avid follower of baseball and you have in-depth knowledge of this sport and its rules.

● Having in-depth knowledge of football (soccer) is a plus.

● You are prepared to learn more about other sports (basketball & golf).

● You are happy to work when there are games on, mostly during weekday evenings and weekends. The number of hours you work will vary, depending on the number of games broadcast in a week (work shifts will vary between 3 to 6 hours in length).




● You have a passion for sports and are willing to work during unusual business hours.

● You have an eye for detail and able to quickly detect what’s happening on the pitch without a commentator narrating the plays.

● You are able to commit to a minimum of 2 days per week to work during live sports events, which happen during evening and weekend hours.

● You are able to work quickly with computers, be focused and keep a cool head when tempers flare on the pitch.

● You possess excellent communication skills – collecting sports information is teamwork. You need to be able to communicate clearly, accurately and promptly with your supervisors and colleagues, even during the most hectic situation of a match.

● You need to be able to travel to the Gracenote Seoul office during the evenings and weekends.

● You are 20 years or older.




● An opportunity to play an important role in a global operation that delivers live sport data all around the world.
● A challenging, dynamic and international work environment.

● An atmosphere of openness, mutual respect and teamwork.

● An opportunity to be around others who share the same interest and passion for Sports.

● A competitive hourly rate of 11,000KRW per hour




● Clearly, state the sports you follow regularly and you think you have above-average knowledge of.

● Let us know what days of the week and weekends you can commit to work and cover live sports events.

● Mention your current work/school situation.




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