Small and mid-size consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, also referred to as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), are leading growth in the consumer goods landscape by quickly adapting to changing trends and offering personalized products. But as brands grow, so do the decisions they have to make about how to build on early wins.

Many manufacturers rely on retail buyer feedback to make strategic decisions, but when you have too many opinions to consider and no clear direction, your decision making can feel scattered and reactive. Without focus, you risk diluting the very brand that is the core of what makes your business successful.

With Nielsen’s right-sized solutions for small and mid-sized CPG brands, you can take control of your business strategy and pursue the direction that is best for your brand. Powered by transparent and independent data, preferred retail coverage, and industry leading analytics, you’ll have the information you need to understand your consumer, differentiate your brand, and drive revenue growth.

of small and mid-size CPG companies report that information gaps limit their ability to grow.

Nielsen Small and Mid Size Business Survey, 2018.

Now you can access the data you need to understand your consumers and the markets you compete in

Affordable, easy-to-use, scalable solutions for faster, more accurate decision making

Whether you’re a data-savvy, experienced professional or a relative newcomer with limited understanding of the power of data, Nielsen offers solutions to meet your needs, including price strategies, competitor analysis, market sizing, distribution assessments and consumer insights.

Build a commercial strategy that broadens product distribution
Focus your sales strategy and speak the retail buyer’s language to build distribution piece by piece. Once you’re on the shelf, manage those relationships long term through retail collaboration programs and price and promotion analytics.

Use competitive intel to enhance brand performance
Use aggregated retail data to analyze your category landscape, how your brand performance stacks up, and where there is potential for expansion.

Understand consumer trends and behaviors that drive profitable growth
Understand consumer behavior, shopping habits, and what drives purchases through the world’s largest consumer panel. Launching a new product? Use innovation analytics to interview consumers and understand if your product will be successful once it’s on the shelf.

Learn more about our small and mid-sized consumer goods manufacturer solutions.

Small and Mid-size CPG Manufacturer Success Stories

We’ve helped thousands of small and mid-sized CPG companies justify their marketing spend, understand retail-level sales volume, forecast the financial impact of new initiatives or new market entry, and benchmark performance. Importantly, our right-sized syndicated solutions allow manufacturers with smaller teams and limited resources to level the playing field with large competitors. We also help manufacturers to accurately define their customers, what motivates them and what drives their shopping habits and purchases. These insights provide clarity and visibility into your most important asset—their consumers—even if you don’t have extensive experience with data services. We can help you avoid costly information gaps that could limit your decision-making processes and dilute your core strategies.

Market Sizing

A mid-size superfood manufacturer needed help identifying the market potential for three goji berry flavor combinations. Using our data, the manufacturer identified its target market, market size, key competitors, trends based on characteristics of top flavors, package sizes, and price points across major growth regions. The result? The company made a fast and effective strategic decision to evolve its assortment and identified three high-growth regions and accounts to expand its growing business.

Sales Tool for Line Reviews

A small personal care CPG manufacturer came to us for account-level data to strengthen its sales team’s retail sell-in story. Using our data, the manufacturer gained intimate knowledge of the retailer’s category and its performance within the context of the rest of the market. As a result, the manufacturer was able to identify gaps at the account and show how its product could fill those gaps. By showing deep knowledge of the account, category, and market, the manufacturer landed multiple coveted spots (called facings) on the shelf.

Internal Forecasting & Benchmarking

A small CPG manufacturer backed by venture capital came to us for help with internal and investor reporting. The company needed answers to key questions, such as “When I get shelf space at a retailer, what is the source of volume?” and “Is volume coming from other brands, incremental consumers or incremental spend?” Now, the manufacturer can confidently report results to make more strategic decisions and request additional funding when needed.

Need help sizing the market, preparing for a retail buyer review or internal board/ investor meeting? We can help.

CPG manufacturers, at every stage of growth, want to make sense of the data they already have, to set the direction of their business and inform new developments. We work alongside manufacturers to optimize their existing systems, help understand what additional data they need to capture, and how to leverage that data once they have it.

Resources to Navigate the ins and outs of CPG data

Check out our educational resources crafted for both novice and seasoned CPG professionals alike!



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