deep dive on indonesia women consumers
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deep dive on indonesia women consumers

  • Women Consumers are Willing to Buy More to Look Beautiful
  • Household Online Shopping for Groceries Among Women Consumers Grew 34%
  • Women are Slightly More Loyal to Financial Product Brands Than Men

Globally, women are increasingly more optimistic (+11%) in Q1 2019 than four years ago (Q1 2015). Compared to five years ago, women in Asia Pacific are increasingly more optimistic than women in any other region across the world. There’s a wide disparity in financial security. The majority of Asia Pacific women believe they have enough money to live comfortably, yet close to 1 in 3 (29%) sit at the bottom end of the spectrum who only have enough for basics versus 20% for men.

In terms of product, the categories that are largely used by females such as, Foundation, Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair Conditioning and Sanitary Napkin showed strong growth in 2019. As they are willing to spend more on the categories that make them look beautiful, more consumers purchase foundation and cosmetics and they buy hair conditioning more frequently. They even go beyond basic for completing their skincare regime.

Nielsen Bricks & Clicks study shows that 59% of Indonesian online shoppers are women. Household online shopping penetration increased from 1% (2018) to 5% (2019) among female shoppers. Household online shopping for groceries among women consumers grew 34% from 2018 to 2019.

Although the awareness of women on digital activities is relatively stable, we can still grab the female consumers’ attention with some marketing activities such as price promotions, new product launches, or new product promotions. It is undeniable that “Buy 1 Get 1” is still the most interesting digital promotion for Indonesian women who buy groceries online.

Deep diving on the women’s behavior as the user of financial product categories, women (76%) are slightly more loyal to financial product brands than men (73%). In addition, 45% of female credit card holders tend to redeem reward points compared to that of men (34%).

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