Assortment and Space Optimization

Unlock Growth at the Shelf

To grow at the shelf, you know need to get both assortment (the right products) and space (the right planogram), just right. All too often, these are treated as separate levers, leading to suboptimal results and dissatisfied shoppers.

With Nielsen ASO, we help you plan and execute your shelf strategy with the only integrated, cloud-based assortment & space solution. Create localized, space-aware assortments (leveraging the latest sales data for your products and categories), so you deliver the right assortment and the right shelf to drive optimal sales.

Maximize Category Demand While Minimizing Out-of-stock

Become an assortment expert and partner, arming you with intimate knowledge of how the category is performing according to actual data —distribution, sales by segment, trends, etc.— leveraging Assortman model diagnostics. An imported planogram can be used as a starting point.

Scenario Building, Analysis and Comparison

Create scenarios and assess potential category versus current category state by testing the impact of different parameter settings before selecting an assortment for recommendation. You can utilize a fully-automated optimization, or choose to make manual refinements to include/exclude products.

Plan Tracking 

Review progress against approved plans at the individual retailer level or across the broader market landscape.

Take advantage of our standalone solutions to meet all of your Assortment and Planogram needs

Mobile Shelf Planner

Better Shelf Planning & Execution

With finite space on the shelf and growing shopper demand, building effective planograms is becoming no easy task. You and your category teams need to ensure you build planograms that maximize shopper demand and get executed correctly to ensure there are no out of stocks. Unfortunately, many space planning tools make this process more difficult than it needs to be.

With Nielsen Mobile Shelf Planner, we equip you with robust, cloud-based capabilities that help you create and implement live planograms more quickly and efficiently.

Spaceman Suite

Desktop software that helps you quickly arrange products in ways that are both eye-catching and focused on maximum revenue generation. Use Spaceman to drive fact-based, consumer-centric merchandising and shelf space decisions that reflect how your customers shop.

  • Manage planograms individually or in a group quickly and effectively
  • Integrate analytics and store-level data to create merchandising strategy and design
  • Identify opportunities to maximize returns and minimize out-of-stock
  • Use the automation module to develop and deploy automatically-generated store-specific planograms quickly and at scale


A software tool to measure the incremental value when you make adjustments to your store assortment at the category, aisle and department levels. Quantify the real value added to your sales when you develop specific segments, brands and SKUs.

  • Use predictive analytics to capture your assortment’s full demand potential
  • Identify opportunities to drive category growth through changes in delivered assortment variety
  • Gain insight into assortment response specific to regions, channels, banners and store clusters within channels