Who’s Interviewing Who?

Who’s Interviewing Who?

How Prospective Employees View Brands At T-School Recruitment Drives 

  • Google is the most desirable recruiter among engineering students
  • It services and it products are the most preferred industries among engineering students
  • Engineering students are motivated most by opportunities involving on-the-job learning and job security

When it comes to navigating the post-graduate choices at campus recruitment drives, the brightest minds of India get to pick their own destiny. And with this dilemma of choice, it’s important for corporate brands to understand what motivates students to choose one company over another, how they perceive the recruiting process, and what attributes are at the forefront of their minds as they narrow their choices.

In order to learn more about students’ career preferences and their perceptions about recruiters, Nielsen conducted the Campus Track Technology School Survey in 2013. The survey collected the views of approximately 2,500 respondents graduating from 75 technology colleges in India this year.

The findings of the survey reveal the tech students’ outlook about employers who visit their campus for pre-placement drives in addition to helping recruiters understand how prospective employees perceive their brand image.

The survey revealed how engineering students hold employer brand value as one of the most important factors when choosing an company, job security is another aspect which is pretty much on top of the list. The fact that several core sector companies found their way into the top 10, highlights the importance students lay on securing their career. So as an employer, enhancing brand image is as important as communicating job security to the new recruits, more so during these difficult times.

Zeroing In On Recruiters

When it comes to learning about career options, nearly half (49%) of the engineering students have used pre-placement talks as the premium source of information. Forty-eight percent of students said they consult alumni to find out about the campus recruiters in detail.

While 42 percent of students say they find information about companies by doing project work or internships, 34 percent said they consider recommendations from their classmates and other students on the campus. More than one-third of the respondents listen to their parents, relatives and friends, while about 32 percent of the students say they look to their professors for guidance. The external influencers in students’ decision-making process include the performance record of the company (47%) and company website (31%).

The Famous Five

When it comes to excitement, IT services is at the top of the class, attracting nearly two out of five (36%) students from tech institutions in the class of 2014. The IT products industry came in second, attracting 28 percent of the surveyed students, followed by automobile/auto ancillary sector (28%), energy (oil & gas; 24%), and IT consultancy (23%).

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Who’s Interviewing Who?

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