In a marketplace where good is not good enough, insights are not inciting enough to effect a real change. To win in the market, we need to combine insights and business intelligence with foresight and action. The real yardstick of winning in the marketplace is the creation of outcomes. Strong results begin with clear objectives and a vision for success—that hinges on identifying, understanding and connecting with consumers. But what drives people to watch and buy what brands offer? How can we create positive and successful outcomes using smart data and sharp insights? The need of the hour is a game plan.

If we had to pick the single most important objective of business intelligence and insights, it would have to be, to creating outcomes. Generating insights is good, but following it up with action is better. The most successful stories in the real world were conceived as insights, but made an impact of mammoth proportions only when they created outcomes.

The opportunity that presents itself to marketers today is to act on insights, maximise the usefulness of data and see an innovation through to success. Our time to create outcomes is now.

Find out how you can create outcomes for your business through the following sessions:

  • The VUCA World
  • Going Supersonic with Super Consumers
  • The Innovator’s Antidote: Powering Better Innovation Outcomes 
  • The Art of Effective Advertising: The 3C Framework
  • From Opportunity to Execution: Tracing the Path to Performance
  • Creating Outcomes

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