Shaping a Smarter Market™Nielsen Global Connect empowers manufacturers and retailers to make bold decisions and transform their businesses with trusted data, solutions and insights designed to drive progress.

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We know big decisions hinge on our data—that’s why our solutions are based on actionable insights, an open platform and shared knowledge. They balance speed with accuracy to give you the resources and connections you can rely on for success. 


We don’t just provide the most complete data—we provide smarter, more strategic data, so you can save time, anticipate market trends and spot new opportunities.

Retail Measurement: Inform manufacturing, marketing and sales decisions.

E-commerce Measurement: Adapt with ease to new purchasing channels with online shopper data and motivations. 


Our predictive analytic and activation solutions answer your most pressing questions, including where to place, how to price and when to promote your products, eliminating guesswork and delivering confidence.

Product: Win distribution over your competition with competitive analytics for new products.

Price and Promotion: Make better pricing decisions, enhance spending efficiency and ensure product availability with our measurement tools.

Placement: Determine what brands you should have at specific stores, and generate planograms with strategic insights from Nielsen.


Shopper behavior and the retail landscape have already been changing at a fast pace and the global pandemic “Covid-19” has further impacted how, where, when and why Shoppers shop. The way shoppers are planning their shopping has changed. Auto-pilot mode of shopping has been disrupted leading to huge shifts in category demand as well as channel growth.

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Innovation is not random–it’s a science that can be replicated again and again if you have the right analytics, tools and support systems. As manufacturers are challenged to respond to a fragmented and nimble competitive environment with fewer and fewer resources, it is critical to not only identify attractive innovations but execute with excellence in order to avoid missing opportunities and protecting the parent brand.

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