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The Speed Channel GOP Advertising Gold

1 minute read | October 2008

Good news for Sen. John McCain’s campaign: cheap, but effective TV advertising options abound, according to a new report by Nielsen PreView.

Chief among these thrifty advertising alternatives — the auto-themed Speed Channel, which Republicans are 52% more likely to watch, compared with the average American.

In comparison, Republican voters are 48% more likely to watch FOX News and 33% more likely to watch Country Music Television. 

The takeaway: well-placed cable advertising can reach core Republican constituents at a more favorable CPM.

Nielsen’s report is based on a survey of 40,000 registered U.S. voters, conducted online on September 30. 

The report’s findings track the TV viewing habits of Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters, pinpointing which TV networks reach the largest percentages of voters of each political affiliation.

View Nielsen PreView’s report.

Read coverage of Nielsen’s findings in The Independent and The Hollywood Reporter.

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