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The Database: Where Local and Out-of-Home TV Viewing Fit Into Today’s Media Landscape

2 minute read | August 2018

Episode 13


With so many video options available today, it’s easy to get tunnel vision—especially when it comes to newer options like streaming and connected TV. But, despite the variety of devices and channels Americans now have to choose from, TV viewing remains their top media option. In first-quarter 2018, the average American adult spent 4 hours 10 minutes per day with live TV, that’s up more than 30 minutes from mid-2017.

There’s no denying that the abundance of original content plays a role in TV viewing, but programming mainstays like news, sports and weather are staples that just about everyone pays attention to—at both a national and a local level. But despite the rise of 24-hour news offerings, a Nielsen analysis last year found that local news reaches more adults than both national and cable news.

And when it comes to programming, sports is the one category that fans universally prefer to watch as it happens—live. It’s also the category that drives the biggest viewing lift away from home. Notably, out-of-home (OOH) sports network programming adds a 7% viewing lift to total sports network viewing, which is twice as much as the lift that news and entertainment networks see.

This episode of The Database takes a look at local and OOH TV viewing—who’s watching, the contributions they add to the overall viewing picture and how networks, advertisers and agencies should be looking at the evolving trends in the local and OOH TV environments.

Our Nielsen guests on this episode include Gerardo Guzman, SVP Product Leadership, Justin LaPorte, VP of Local Audience Insights, Jenn Carton, Director of Product Leadership, and Gorki DeLosantos, Director of U.S. Media Communications.

For more information on Americans’ media use, download our first-quarter 2018 Total Audience Report.

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