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The Rise of Women’s Sports

1 minute read | October 2018

Identifying And Maximizing The Opportunity

The rate of change in women’s sports is one of the most exciting trends in the sports industry right now. For rights holders, brands and the media, this represents a chance to develop a new commercial proposition and engage fans in a different way.

Making sense of an exciting and growing marketplace is fundamental for rights holders, brands and other stakeholders currently operating in—or looking to enter—the space. We believe there has previously been a lack of data around women’s sports, and we’re excited to share these insights as a starting point to forming a detailed understanding of the women’s sports commercial landscape.

Who’s Engaging With Women’s Sports?

Across the eight markets, 84% of general sports fans have an interest in women’s sports (they stated they had an interest in both male and female sports, or just in women’s sports). Of those, 51% are male. This confirms  that women are interested in watching women’s sports and that women’s sports represents a major opportunity to engage male fans.

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