Are We Financially Prepared for the Future?

Are We Financially Prepared for the Future?


Money can be tight no matter where we live. After paying essential living expenses, there is often too little money left for spending or saving on discretionary items. In fact, Nielsen reports that around the world we allot just 10 percent of our monthly income for saving and investment purposes on average. Is that enough? How prepared are we for an unexpected household emergency, health issue or job loss? Will we be financially secure when we retire? Can we afford to pay higher education costs? Are we saving enough for our children’s future?

To help answer these questions, Nielsen conducted a global study to understand current and future financial goals and the strategies we use to prepare for them. The findings revealed that more respondents around the world are focused on future saving or investing intentions than on active or current plans. While current and future saving and investment sentiment was relatively strong, there was sizeable gap between the two, as well as among those who said they had no plans to save now or in the future. Closing the gap between desire and action depends on a variety of reasons, least of whic his earning enough money to stash cash. Either way, both scenarios have economic consequences to consider.


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Are We Financially Prepared for the Future?

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