The Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report 2016

The Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report 2016


Nielsen’s 2016 Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report reveals Southeast Asia’s best breakthrough innovations of 2016.

Nielsen reviewed 12,920 new consumer products (launched in 2013 and tested through to end 2015) to identify the 10 most successful breakthrough innovations. Products were assessed on the degree to which they deliver a new value proposition to the market (distinctiveness), ability to generate significant year-one sales (relevance), and ability to achieve at least 90% of year-one sales in year two (endurance).

Download the full report to find out what it takes to achieve true breakthrough innovation and hear from three of this year’s Breakthrough Innovation winners on their journey to innovation success: TEA+ OOLONG TEA in Vietnam, GARNIER SAKURA WHITE in Thailand, and Mr Keso in the Philippines.

About the Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report: The 2016 report is the second edition of the Nielsen Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report. The report looks at new products launched in more than 160 product categories, representing 71% of annual fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales across Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. Our rigorous review process centres around three key criteria: distinctiveness, relevance and endurance. Nielsen began this journey five years ago in North America where our first Breakthrough Innovation Report launched in 2011. Since then, we have launched the report in Europe, India, China and Southeast Asia. Globally, we have logged thousands of hours of analysis, interviews, and conversations with industry leaders to uncover the secret to achieving true innovation success. The Breakthrough Innovation Report provides a platform to celebrate and share best-of-breed innovation.

Editor’s note: This post and the Breakthrough Innovation Report which is downloadable from this web page were edited on 17 October 2016. If you downloaded the Breakthrough Innovation Report from this page prior to 17 October 2016, please click the download button at the top of this page to access the latest edition of the report.


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The Southeast Asia Breakthrough Innovation Report 2016

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