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Nielsen Launches SmartStore Solution in Malaysia

At the point of purchase, retailers and brands have less than 2 seconds to influence shoppers’ decisions. The race to win in store has become even more complex as a challenging market environment has spurred changes to consumers’ shopping mindset and behavior. With shoppers increasingly rationalizing their spend, in-store execution and shopper activation have become more important than ever.

It is against this dynamic and competitive consumer backdrop that we launched our SmartStore solution in Malaysia this week. The launch event, which was attended by more than 100 clients and media, reinforced Nielsen’s capabilities to help our retailer and manufacturer clients better understand shopper behavior and measure how shoppers react at the moment of truth in any store format.

SmartStore, which has been designed to radically transform how the industry conducts shopper research today, creates a remarkably realistic and immersive simulation of a 3D, 360 degree total store environment.

Immersive store testing within a virtual environment eliminates the unnecessary risk of trial-and-error execution, allowing our clients to perfect aisles and point-of-sale materials before implementing physical changes in stores. The solution also provides the flexibility to test future scenarios quickly, away from competitors’ eyes and without disrupting the store’s operations.

Dolly Jitani and Tan Li Ching demonstrating the SmartStore solution
Dolly Jitani and Tan Li Ching demonstrate the SmartStore solution

Dolly Jitani, Nielsen Global Shopper Leader, was in Kuala Lumpur for the launch event. When introducing the solution to our guests, she noted that SmartStore has been developed using the latest gamification and  virtual reality technology available that we’ve adapted to create a unique, fully immersive shopper research and merchandising solution.

“We have partnered with our clients throughout our SmartStore development process in pilot projects to make sure that the solution meets their needs. We are excited about this week’s launch in Malaysia, and initial feedback shows that this market is ready to access greater insights into shopper behaviors at the moment of truth and to build collaborative partnerships between retailers and manufacturers in Malaysia,” said Jitani.

Also present at the launch was Tan Li Ching, Program Manager, Consumer Insights Product Leadership, who demonstrated to the audience how the solution works with a live demo and took the attendees through the capabilities and benefits of the SmartStore solution.

Malaysia is the third market in South East Asia after Singapore and Thailand to offer its clients the Nielsen SmartStore technology and capabilities. Now, Malaysian retailers and manufacturers can measure, evaluate and optimize a range of retail concepts on sales and shopper metrics, based on how target shoppers react at the moment of truth, in any store format, aisle, category or shelf.

It also helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of point-of-sale merchandise based on what shoppers “see, think and do,” while media agencies can test what marketing messages resonate in different test environments and if they will cause brand uplift.

Anil Antony speaks about the evolving shopper landscape in Malaysia
Anil Antony speaks about the evolving shopper landscape in Malaysia

“The challenging market environment has spurred changes to consumer shopping mindset and behavior,” says Anil Antony, Executive Director of Consumer Insights, Nielsen Malaysia. “It is therefore essential that brands understand in-store shopper behavior, as well as their priorities, in order to attract shoppers with the right offering. The introduction of Nielsen SmartStore is a cutting-edge solution, enabling our clients to project results close to reality and plan for what’s next in order to win in the marketplace.”

The solution is currently also available in Turkey, Mexico, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.