Filipino consumers prefer locally manufactured biscuits, snacks and dairy products

Filipino consumers prefer locally manufactured biscuits, snacks and dairy products


While consumers around the world are generally displaying a growing preference for global brands, Filipino consumers are showing a great affinity towards locally manufactured biscuits/chips/snacks/cookies, and  dairy products.

The annual Nielsen Global Brand-Origin Report highlights consumers’ preference for and sentiment toward products manufactured by local manufacturers versus large global/multinational brands across 34 categories. While the survey findings have pointed to a relatively balanced view across global and local brands in recent years, the latest results show consumer preference is tipping toward global brands across the majority of categories.

While consumers in the Philippines share fondness for global brands, local tastes matter when it comes to food categories. In fact, more than five in 10 (54%) are showing greater preference for locally-produced dairy products, and for biscuits/chips/cookies/snacks. Although Filipino consumers show affinity for multinational brands in these food categories, consumer preference for local brands was much more pronounced than the global average: mineral water/bottled water (44% vs. 30%-global average), tea/coffee (41% vs. 29%-global average), ice cream (41% vs. 31%-global average), frozen meat and seafood (40% vs. 29%-global average) and instant noodles (39% vs. 21%-global average).

Preference for global brands was strongest in high involvement categories such as baby food/formula categories, and baby wipes/diapers, where just 14% and 18% of Filipino consumers, respectively, said they prefer to buy brands from local manufacturers. Other categories where consumers showed low preference for local brands include pet food (19% prefer local), and feminine care products (21% prefer local).

Brand origin matters to consumers. Whether global or local, brands that tap into the consumers’ changing needs, behaviors, lifestyles and tastes will be best-placed to win with consumers.

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