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Early in August 2015, Nielsen Pakistan organized client networking events in Karachi and Lahore for more than 90 clients from more than 40 companies and a variety of industries, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), telecom, media, retail and more.

A first of its kind, Nielsen Pakistan offered exclusive insights on innovation success, optimizing go-to-market strategies and capitalizing in the retail space. Overall, the sessions provided clients with a framework to help them win in the region’s competitive marketplace. In fact, with an estimated 200 million residents, Pakistan is currently the sixth-most populous country in the world. It’s also the fastest growing Muslim economy.

“Nielsen sees the opportunities that lie ahead in Pakistan,” states Nick Papagregoriou, Managing Director, Nielsen Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan. “We are committed to Pakistan and invest in our products and services here to support our clients so they can win in the competitive marketplace.”

During the events, Mustafa Moosajee, Managing Director, Pakistan, explained how Pakistani consumer confidence has been on an upward trend over the last four years due to the optimism and resilience of the Pakistani consumer. Moosajee noted that this, along with key economic indicators, is why Nielsen’s outlook for Pakistan is positive.

Maria Zaki, client consulting expert, discussed the importance of managing and activating innovations to ensure in-market success. Zaki stressed that the secret of success isn’t only managing and activating innovations—it also involves executing innovations precisely without missing a step.

Citing information from Nielsen’s 2013 Assortment report, Roxane Panopoulos, Director Advanced Analytic Consulting of Nielsen MENAP, pointed out how clients can build strategic plans based on robust insights in order to unlock their brands potential. For existing brands, Panopoulos said an ongoing assessment of the brand growth drivers is a key to continued success.

Andreas Hadjiconstantinou, Director Sales Force Activation, Nielsen MENAP, shared insights on how clients should boost distribution effectiveness in order to maximize leverage in the retail trade. Said Hadjiconstantinou: “The fact is, companies need to understand that effective sales planning needs to begin before customers are inside a store.”