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Nielsen Russia Touts Big Data and Tech-Driven Measurement for 25th Anniversary

This year Nielsen is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Russia. While our journey has spanned a quarter of a century, it started with a simple goal: Help our clients understand which products they should import to a domestic market that opened to foreign trade after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. To meet this goal, we initiated a process involving manual paper-based retail audits and consumer surveys. Now 25 years later, in an era of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning, it’s clear to see how much progress we’ve made on the measurement front.

But we’re not alone in transformation. We’ve helped clients in Russia find growth opportunities in the periods of both prosperity and instability, and we’ve improved consumers’ lives by helping our clients understand the links between the data and real lifewhich ultimately means that end consumers have products and services they truly want.

Having started with a team of less than 20 people back 25 years ago, today, we have more than 1,300 associates who are committed to working in one of the most fragmented and challenging markets in the world with hundreds of retailers and manufacturers. And given the fragmentation and competition in Russia, retailers and manufacturers doing business there rely on complete, independent and granular data and analytics to make critical business decisions and stay in touch with shifting consumer trends. In a new world that is so reliant on data, we create data partnerships and use the power of data science to provide our clients with much more than just reporting information—we give them the power of prediction.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary in Russia, we invited more than 185 CEO and C-suite guests from the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail industries to our offices. During the event, we invited them to learn more about our tech-driven measurement solutions, which allow them to have access to data on the go, launch best products even faster, precisely measure returns on investments and understand consumer needs that are hard to express with words.

But we didn’t just tout products. We also shared critical insights from new Nielsen research that connects the views of businesses and consumers regarding their technological futures — which they imagine differently. And finally, we had an exciting panel discussion featuring representatives from a few of Russia’s most innovative local companies who talked about the factors that will shape the future of shopping: the increasing role of platformization, social commerce, and deep product and service customization.